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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

We are all into wellness idea, issue, and trend. We use essential oils, coconut oil dan all other carrier oils. Kita mungkin menyimpan activated charcoal at home for various uses, mulai dari masker, diminum dan dipakai untuk gosok gigi?? I do oil pulling juga – it’s part of wellness industry. We also consume food supplements; do detox things (whatever the meaning of detox is), ikut kelas meditasi, dan sebagainya. Jadi no wonder kalau this industry is huge! It worth trillion dollars dan industry ini empat kali lebih besar dari industry farmasi.

However, no matter what, we should not be blinded by our love to wellness stuff. Menurut website University of California, Davis, wellness adalah an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. There’s nothing wrong with that – yes, kita harus sadar untuk hidup sehat. Tapi ada banyak wellness false claims yang bikin kita harus berhati-hati. Ada banyak what so called wellness guru dan postingan di social media dan blog yang harus kita check and recheck. Banyak postingan tentang wellness yang tidak didasarkan pada science dan logika.

“Menurut website University of California, Davis, wellness adalah an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.”

How many times we heard that coconut oil and carrot seed oil can be used as sunscreen? Apakah ada yang pernah menyarankan untuk mengganti pasta gigi komersial dengan baking soda atau activated charcoal? Kita melihat iklan berseliweran di TV tentang kalung dengan batu atau magnet tertentu yang membawa kesembuhan. What is the science and logic behind all of this stuff? Who told us that essential oil is safe to ingest? Who believes that natural means safe? With all of these false claims, no wonder dua tahun lalu kita dikejutkan dengan kasus wellness blogger yang membuat cancer false claim, yang menyatakan dirinya sembuh dari cancer with a certain diet and nutrition. It turned out she never had cancer.

I do not against wellness industry – even I’m on my journey to have a healthy and fulfilling life. But I suggest to always checking the facts of wellness information. Don’t be misinformed! Tapi harus refer info wellness ke mana? Here is the list of trusted wellness and health source that I recommend:

· WebMD

They always provide complete information – include pro and cons and warning use of a certain ingredient. This website is run by a team of more than 100 doctors and health experts

· Medical News Today

This web provides in depth medical and wellness articles yang di tiap claims selalu ada referensi ke jurnal ilmiah.

· The National Center for Biotechnology Information

It is part of US National Library of Medicine yang menyajikan hasil-hasil riset kekinian. Please note that not all papers are free to read. Some are paid, but at least kita bisa baca abstract-nya.

· Vice Health

Who doesn’t ike Vice? Vice ini media investigasi dan punya channel Vice Health (Tonic) yang informasinya lengkap

· ResearchGate

Merupakan website academic research dimana para peneliti dapat mempublikasikan hasil risetnya dan kita bisa join for free to get update on certain research topics.

- Healthline

Almost all of its article has a list of references dan tim healthline terdiri dari expert di bidangnya masing-masing: diet, nutrition, and medicine.

Final words? Be a well-informed reader and customer. Be wise

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