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Vegan Coconut Berry Protein Shake: Simple, Enak dan Bikin Kenyang

Vegan Coconut Berry Protein Shake

Kamu sarapan apa pagi ini?

Protein shake is my routine breakfast – almost daily, kecuali hari Minggu. Setelah lebih dari 6 bulan I consumed whey protein, mulai bulan lalu I switch to vegan protein – soy protein. Pertimbangan awal hanya karena I want to consume more plant-based food – including protein. No, I don’t do vegan diet, saya masih suka makan pepes bandeng dan abon ayam. I reduce meat and switch to plant karena concern terhadap kesehatan. Dengan memasuki usia yang sudah engga muda lagi, menjaga kesehatan jadi priority. The most important thing I learned is the fact that eating plant-based food membuat usus besar kita lebih sehat dan mengurangi inflamasi dalam usus besar karena it cleans our gut dan karena terjaganya ekosistem microbiome yang sehat bagi kita. Plant foods juga bikin kulit glowing dan awet muda. Eating plant-based protein helps us to live longer karena it fights off diseases, mengurangi cancer and cardiovascular disease risk. One study also showed that plant-based diet may promote weight loss.

Switching dari whey protein ke soy protein itu ternyata perlu adjustment. Pertama kali mencoba soy protein (chocolate flavour), I realized that this is easier to mix with water, agak lebih encer, dan rasanya not as smooth and creamy as that whey protein. I need quite some times to adjust my taste to this chocolate soy protein. I aldded coffee and cocoa powder to make it mocha protein shake. I have to accepted the fact bahwa soy protein memiliki rasa nutty lebih strong dan a bit chalkier. But then my perception changed after I bought my second soy protein can with different flavour – berry. Pertama kali minum berry soy protein ini, saya tidak menambahkan apapun, pure shaking soy protein and water. Ketika minum: uhlala..rasanya very refreshing and yummy! Berasa minum berry smoothie! I really love this variant.

I drink protein shake after my morning exercise, jadi saya menambahkan coconut water that is perfect untuk menggantikan cairan tubuh yang hilang karena olah raga (keringat) dan dehidrasi.

Equipment no need blender yaay

  • Shaker glass

  • Scoop


  • 2 scoops of Berry soy protein

  • 100ml coconut water

  • 150ml chilled water

How to make

  1. Put all ingredients di dalam shake bottle – remember to fill the bottle with liquid ingredients first

  2. Masukkan bola blender

  3. Shake shake shake

  4. Your coconut berry shake is ready to drink!!


You can always substitute coconut water with other drink of your choice. Bisa diganti jus buah, milk atau yoghurt or honey water.

I mix coconut water dengan air agar tidak terlalu manis but you can always use all 250ml coconut water or change the ratio as you like

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