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The Beginning of My Minimalist Journey

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

It’s been 10 years for me living in the capital city of Indonesia.

Yes. Welcome to Jakarta!

For last 10 years, I’ve been living in different places. I have experienced pack and unpack several times. My first year in Jakarta, I rented a room near my office. Then the second year I got a job outside Jakarta – Tangerang, so I packed and moved to that area. Third year? Another new job for me. I returned to Jakarta and lived in my old room where I lived in my first year. After three years renting a room, I moved to an apartment. I rented a unit in 28th floor with a view of Central Jakarta. I stayed in the same unit for 5 years. Then I moved to another unit in 23rd floor with a pool view and facing the apartment gate. After a year, I moved to a unit in 33rd floor facing the Jakarta view .

Tired of reading my moving experience? So do I!

And please note, the biggest unit I have ever lived for last 10 years is 48m2

I did not really have stuff when I rented a room – I know my place is limited but I bought 2 book shelves (and plenty of books). When I moved to an apartment unit, I started bringing my stuff from my hometown, buying soft toys (I love panda and elephants) and more books, CDs, DVDs and all those cute but useless figurine and accessories. One third of my unit was packed with stuff.

Then, when I have to move from my 28th floor, I realized I had so many stuff. Many books I haven’t touched or read for last 5 years. There were some soft toys and accessories I did not use, CDs and DVDs I never played. One third of my unit, where I used to store all of that stuff was so dirty, full of dust. I found cockroaches in that area. Disgusting!

No wonder I fell sick very often for last 5 years living in that unit.

It was the time I knew that I have to change my life, my buying behavior and starting my minimalist lifestyle

Do you live a minimalist lifestyle? Share your story in comment, please

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