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Should You be a Solopreneur? 3 Pro and Cons

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Topik jadi solopreneur in sebenarnya sudah banyak yang membahas. Ada banyak artikel pro and cons jadi solopreneur. For us, introvert, being a solopreneur tampak seperti ideal business. Digital technology enables and empower us untuk menjalankan company of one – this is one of the reasons why becoming a solopreneur is on rise. Pilihan menjadi solopreneur di US dipicu economic downturn pada tahun 2007/2008, dimana job market shrank.

Solopreneur. Is this for me? First, ask yourself these three questions then check the pros and cons

Are you ready to make decision all by yourself?

Mengambil semua keputusan bisnis sendiri itu melelahkan. Seringkali I doubt myself, apakah I made the right decision or not, kalau ambil keputusan salah bagaimana? In my start-up, with 3 persons in team, tapi yang full-time cuma 1 (it’s me!), I made almost all decisions, mulai dari keputusan produk, pop up market, keputusan kemasan, jumlah prooduksi, sampai layout bazaar. I was exhausted dan I admit that I made a lot of error in making decision yang berakibat pada biaya. My verdict: menjaga “sanity” alias “kewarasan” with having a balanced life is the key to avoid burnout for making all decisions by yourself.

Are you willing and able to do “all the work” – mulai dari the laundry list kerjaan admin sampai handling website, promotion and create network.

I have to say that I hate admin jobs – but I have to realize bahwa di semua pekerjaan, admin jobs is there, ini termasuk book keeping jobs, customer service jobs. Some admin jobs ini saya “outsource” to my hubby or third parties. But most of the work, bukan hanya admin works, I do it myself untuk menghemat cost. I learn myself how to run my website, otak atik website, belajar and do trial and error digital ads, research sampai design and photography.

Where and how do you see yourself and your business in the next 5 years?

I believe this question is the most important one. Again, what do you want to achieve? Kehidupan seperti apa yang kamu mau? I always love minimalist living concept and my future aspiration adalah living freely, travel a lot, bisa kerja dari mana aja, with no strings attached (termasuk no stock required). Hmmm…jadi… my startup sebenarnya doesn’t fulfil my future aspiration? Again, ask yourself and find your ikigai.

Jadi, kesimpulan solopreneur pros and cons from my short experience ini adalah:



Solopreneur bisa kerja dari mana saja dan bebas mengatur jam kerja. I work from home (no more macet-macet di jalan yayy) and I usually start working at about 11am to 8pm, 6 days a week. Hari Minggu itu optional, depends on the schedule. Coffee shops are my favourite meeting place, tapi kadang susah mencari coffee shop yang quiet. But this pandemic changes the way we meet, jadi meeting berganti dengan email dan chat – we, introvert, avoid call and video call.

No more office politics

Introverts rejoice! Solopreneur is most of the time working alone at home office, without boss, no supervisor, no co-workers, jadi there is no such thing as office politics. Solopreneur bisa focus pada kerjaan, bisa lebih produktif tanpa harus bermain menyiasati politik di kantor.

You will learn a lot!

We work alone dan we do almost everything by ourselves (untuk menekan biaya juga). Konsekuensinya: we are forced to learn a lot. Hal-hal yang dulu dianggap ga penting, ga bisa dan ga mau melakukannya, dan ga menarik untuk dikerjakan akhirnya harus dipelajari. It is good for us to enrich our own knowledge and skills.


If you’re sick, your business is also sick

Solopreneur works alone. Ketika sakit, bisnis terhenti dan ikut sakit. Sekedar sakit kepala dan masuk angin 1 atau 2 hari bisa bikin kacau schedule pekerjaan. Our business depends on our stamina and health. Jaga Kesehatan, living a balanced life, makan sehat, take food supplement and vitamin if necessary, olah raga to keep us and our business healthy.

Long (and lonely) working hours

Efek samping flexibility adalah kecenderungan solopreneur untuk bekerja long hours, lack of sleep (Padahal Kesehatan adalah kunci bisnis berkelanjutan for solopreneur). Karena bekerja sendiri, this solopreneur journey is long and lonely. Break to chat with friends and loved ones from time to time. In the past, I always scheduled satu hari dalam satu atau dua minggu to meet up dan hang out ketemuan dengan teman-teman. Keep mental health is important!

Personal insurance management (health, retirement)

As a solopreneur, we need to manage our own insurance and personal finance issue. Prepare our own health insurance – termasuk BPJS mandiri, ikut asuransi Kesehatan swasta lain yang relevan. We also need to arrange retirement plan dengan melakukan investasi mandiri sebagai dana pension (reksadana, saham, emas atau property dsb). Mau liburan? Make a calculation dan prepare budget. Gone is the day when I was paid while taking a vacation – ini masa-masa masih kerja fulltime.

Jadi, fellow introverts, be and get ready for a solopreneur journey…

Kamu yang solopreneur, ada yang mau nambah pros and cons?

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