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Homemade Honey Citroen Coffee

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Have you tried Yuzu Cold Brew Coffee from Starbucks?

Menu Spring 2020 ini menurut saya, cocok dinikmati untuk summer – it is really refreshing! Who knows kalau pairing kopi dingin dengan yuzu bisa amazingly delicious!

While now I’m stuck at home, I try to re-create Yuzu Cold Brew with ingredients I have at home:


  • 250 ml cold brew coffee

  • 3 tbsp Honey Citroen tea

  • Ice cubes (optional)

How to Make

  1. Prepare cold brew coffee – click the link to see how to make cold brew coffee

  2. Add 3 tbsp honey citroen tea to cold brew coffee

  3. Stir evenly. Let the syrup to dissolve

  4. Add ice cubes if you want

  5. Re-make Yuzu cold brew is ready to drink!


For this honey citroen coffee, I use Ottogi Honey Citroen Tea. Feel free to substitute with other brands – I guess the taste will be similar?

I use Guatemanala Casi Cielo medium roast from Starbucks and brew it with cold water. Its tasting note: bright with a smooth cocoa finish – which IMO, it is perfect to be paired with citrusy syrup (honey citroen)

Since this drink is inspired by a menu at Starbucks, to make it “very Starbucks”, I serve my drink using Starbucks Reserve green lush theme mug

So, just stay at home, enjoy coffee and be productive!

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