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Bikin Non-Greasy, Easy to Absorb Magnesium Lotion

Homemade Magnesium Lotion: No greasy, Easy to Absorb

Have you tried magnesium oil atau have you tried making your own magnesium cream that I posted sometimes ago?

I’m a big fan of magnesium – this mineral is really helpful to make me sleep better, sekaligus mengurangi kram kaki dan relaxing my muscles. Curious about magnesium? Check my previous article here. Sebelumnya I made magnesium cream dan mengolesnya di telapak kaki dan betis setiap malam sebelum tidur.

But now, sejak rajin olah raga tiap weekday, I need a light magnesium lotion yang tidak akan nempel di yoga mat whenever I use it before exercise. Therefore, here I make a lotion version yang teksturnya lebih ringan dan non greasy – this one can be used on neck and shoulders.


  • Glass beaker

  • Glass jar atau tube container

  • Spatula

  • Glass stirrer

  • Silicone whisk


  • 35gr carrier oil – I use lavender infused grapeseed oil

  • 20gr Polawax – or other emulsifying wax

  • 145gr Magnesium Chloride solution

Cooling Phase

  • 2gr Vitamin E

  • 1gr preservative – I use Phenoxyethanol

  • 20 drops essential oil – this time I use lavender essential oil

How to Make

Membuat Magnesium Chloride solution atau yang sering dikenal sebagai magnesium oil:

  • Didihkan air

  • Masukkan 80gr Magnesium Chloride ke dalam 145gr air mendidih

  • Aduk rata.

  1. Timbang carrier oil dan polawax. Masukkan ke dalam glass beaker

  2. Lelehkan dengan metode double boiler

  3. Setelah oil dan polawax melted dengan sempurna, masukkan Magnesium Chloride solution

  4. Aduk sampai merata, gunakan whisk

  5. Leave it to warm – aduk setiap 5 atau 10 menit

  6. Ketika temperature sudah hangat, masukkan cool phase ingredients (preservative, Vit.E dan essential oils)

  7. Mix them well

  8. Leave it cool. Kemudian pindahkan ke jar atau tube


Jangan diaplikasikan pada kulit yang luka

Please do not use beeswax to replace pola wax. But yes, you can use other emulsifying wax

Here is how to make herbal infused oil – and yes you can change lavender with other dried flower or herbs – jahe kering, atau cabe kering, or chamomile?

Di awal penggunaan produk dengan kandungan magnesium, biasanya ada reaksi seperti tingling sensation – gatal, menyengat (clekit-clekit). It is a normal reaction yang menandakan penyerapan magnesium. Jika sudah terbiasa menggunakan topical magnesium products (oil. Cream or lotion), this tingling sensation akan hilang sendiri kog.

You can always substitute lavender essential oil with the essential oil of your choice. Rekomendasi: wintergreen, eucalyptus, peppermint, ginger, lemongrass dan clove – semua essential oil ini berguna untuk muscle pain, mudah didapat dan harganya ekonomis

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