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5 + 1 Must Have Essential Oils

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Bottles of Essential Oils

While I have promised myself to practice minimalism, I kept more than 20 bottles of essential oils at home, mulai dari peppermint, rosemary, lemon balm, berbagai tipe eucalyptus, sampai clary sage, ginger helichrysum. I always thought I will need that specific oil later, jadi beli aja sekarang. Tapi ternyata ada beberapa oil yang hanya saya pakai satu atau 2 kali. Bagi pecinta essential oils, having more than 20 bottles mungkin still considered as normal (and they might use all of those oil frequently). Tapi saya merasa punya essential oil lebih dari 20 is too much, dan I felt like an essential oils’ hoarder.

Dengan semangat minimalism, I start to analyze my own uses (untuk apa, seberapa sering pakai) and benefits I sought after essential oils. Apparently, in general, Saya menggunakan essential oil for two purposes: diffuser (biasanya buat ngusir nyamuk, dan agar udara di rumah jadi fresh); DIY material (mostly for balm, body oil, roll on, deo, shampoo bar, liquid hand soap). Untuk DIY face products, saya jarang menggunakan essential oil karena prinsip kehati-hatian dan kondisi kulit yang sensitive, except for wash off product – kadang saya pakai essential oil for face cleansing product atau mask.

From my own experience, ternyata hanya ada beberapa essential oil yang saya sering pakai due to its scent dan benefit nya – so basically, I don’t need more than 20 bottles of essential oils! Here are my top 5+1 essential oils yang harus ada:


This oil is really multi-purpose! Peppermint oil contains two main active elements: menthol dan menthone. Menthol merupakan analgesic yang bermanfaat sebagai pain-killer – so it is beneficial for reducing headaches, muscle aches, and inflammation. Sementara menthone, yang juga adalah analgesic, tapi sekaligus mengandung antiseptic. Menthone memiliki efek energizing due to its invigorating properties.

I use peppermint oil for diffuser dengan tujuan untuk menyegarkan ruangan, membantu focus, sebagai mosquitoes dan insect repellent, sekaligus deodorizing ruangan. Untuk DIY, I use it a lot, mulai dari bikin vapor balm, headache roller, muscle balm dan shampoo bar. Sometimes I just use it directly, drop some of it to my clothes/pants biar lebih segar.

I can’t get enough of peppermint oil – love the scent, love the benefits dan ini adalah oil yang sering saya bawa di tas. Jadi, no matter what, I will keep this oil in my forever collection


Ada berbagai jenis eucalyptus oil, I have tried eucalyptus globulus and eucalyptus radiata. In my opinion sebagai orang awam pemakai essential oil, both are similar. What I know is that eucalyptus oil ini bermanfaat untuk melegakan saluran pernafasan. Ternyata eucalyptus memiliki much more benefits: purifying, cleansing, clarifying, and immune-boosting oil that is ideal for use on skin and in aromatherapy. Di tahun 1880-an, eucalyptus oil dipakai oleh dokter bedah sebagai antiseptic. Amazing!

I use eucalyptus oil mostly untuk DIY: vapor balm, headache roller, hand sanitizer and I mix it with alcohol sebagai toilet cleaner, cleaning spray for surface. It is perfect pair with lemon, peppermint oil

Kadang I substitute this oil with camphor or tea tree oil


Who doesn’t like the citrus scent – especially this sweet orange oil? It has a cheerful and uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing, calming effect. Its astringent property memberikan manfaat anti-aging, mencerahkan dan menghaluskan kulit sekaligus membersihkan pori-pori. Orange oil juga memiliki manfaat untuk memperlancar peredaran darah sekaligus merelaksasi otot.

I use orange oil mostly for diffuser – ini aroma favorit yang bisa saya pakai tiap hari. I combine it with clove (tidak masuk must have oil ya) dan peppermint. I also use it for headache roller for its calming effect, hand sanitizer dan liquid hand soap

Occasionally I substitute sweet orange oil with other citrusy oil such as tangerine, lemon or grapefruit oil


Actually, I’m not a big fan of lavender oil scent but it is in my must have essential oil to keep. Why? Lavender oil, sama seperti peppermint oil, it is multipurpose. While at first it was used for cleaning purpose (the name lavender is from “lavare” means “to wash”), this oil is now the most used oil all over the world over 2500 years! Lavender oil ada berbagai jenis but I haven’t explored those different types. Overall, lavender oil ini memiliki manfaat relaxing, calming, mengurangi sakit kepala, mengatasi insomnia, improve joint paint dan insect repellent.

I don’t use lavender oil untuk diffuser. I use it for muscle balm, sleep aid balm dan insect repellent balm.


If you have a joint and muscle problem, you will need this oil in your collection. Elemen utama dari wintergreen oil is “Methyl Salicylate” – ini ingredient yang pasti ada di produk krim, koyo untuk pegal-pegal. Itu sebabnya, wintergreen oil ini bermanfaat untuk revitalizes exhausted and tender muscles, helps decrease spasms, pain and discomfort experienced in the lower back, nerves, and joints.

Sebagai penderita plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome dan TMJ disorder, pegal-pegal is my best friend. Itu sebabnya I keep this in my collection for DIY muscle balm. I don’t use it for diffuser.

Plus 1: Spearmint

I add one more essential oil here…just because I really love this oil meskipun the benefits are really similar to peppermint and eucalyptus oil.

Spearmint oil adalah the gentler mint oil yang cocok digunakan untuk children, elderly dan mereka yang kulitnya sensitive. I really love this sweet refreshing soft mint scent – I occasionally use one to three drops of spearmint oil directly on my t-shirt or pants atau masker (one drop only, tidak di bagian hidung dan masker diangin-angin dulu, tidak langsung digunakan).

Kalau kamu, essential oil apa yang paling penting, must have dan harus ada? Share your story

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